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Updated: Feb 4, 2022

How do I start my day? I connect with God, my Self, and all creation. It feels good to wake up feeling connected and supported. With this sense of being, my eyes are opened to a more beautiful day. I feel ready to conquer the day!

LIfe’s Lessons that work for me:

  1. I ASK FOR HELP. It is true that it feels hard to ask for help but it is good to ask for help. One big help is to have a mentor who is wise, discerning and compassionate. What is interesting about mentorship, and I call them spiritual directors (SD), is that you become like them. I felt so privileged and honored to have had Fr. Thomas Green, SJ + and Fr. Manoling Francisco, SJ as my SD. Because of their accompaniment, I imbibed their deep spirituality. And I deepened my relationship with my Self and God. I have become a better person and counselor. For me, a mentor can also be a book, a podcast or even an inspiring song.

  2. I READ. I love self-help books and CD’s (I still own CDs). It inspires and motivates me. Fr John Leydon told me: look at the trees or any living things, they just keep growing. I too, am invited to keep growing. To become a better version of my self.

  3. I ASK QUESTIONS. I CREATE GOALS. I was told that if I ask questions, my brain will not stop until it finds answers. Hand in hand with this, is I create goals. You know already why. It gives me direction. It prevents me to be all over the place and getting nowhere.

Be amazing!

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