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All shall be well

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

I was a person who was top notch in ‘catastrophising,’ making an unfortunate news into a catastrophic vision. It was not helpful. When it happens, I start feeling very overwhelmed; I cannot think right; and I just let myself fall into this dark abyss. Let me give an example: I recovered from Covid, omicron variant. The day I tested positive, it scared me. I prayed to get well. I did all the homeopathic cures I read and heard. But, in my mind, I was preparing for my death. I do want to live but I want to be ready if I face death. Making a mountain out of a molehill is my tendency. And so I counter it by seeking the truth and looking for factual evidences.

The Holy Spirit is so good to me. He sends me an insight or a reading or a song that reminds me: He got my back and I am well taken care of. ALL SHALL BE WELL. It is true.

Life’s Lessons

  1. I FIND MOMENTS OF SILENCE. I do it in many ways: prayer, meditation, journaling, quiet walk, yoga, qi gong; these are some ways I find calmness. It helps me a lot to start my day. It helps me a lot when I feel charged with emotions. My family and friends know well when I’m charged. It shows in my eyes. My stare can kill. That is the reason why I need these moments of silence. It is because I want my family and friends to remember me as a loving person.

  2. I SURRENDER TO THE HIGHER POWER. When things are not going well or I feel stuck, I struggle with God. This is what I want and I will cry myself to sleep to get this. Once all my emotions were released, all for the grace of God, I am enlightened. I understand. I even have the power to change my belief that is not helping me. It can be a one time struggle or more. It is a process.

  3. I TRUST. All my life, God has demonstrated to me that He is faithful, He will take care of me, He wants what is good for me. He is always with me. He will never forsake me. I believe that. I believe Him.

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Hello, Grace! I made it to my first blog! I loved reading your postings and you are so right about always be available to help other people, including me. I'm so happy that you are "owning" it and making yourself available in a very public and purposeful way. Your post about catastrophing was interesting to me as I'm not sure I knew all of that side of you, although I can "hear" you. I can understand your panic with your COVID diagnosis but I was surprised at your thoughts going to death! My response to you is that you live your life so beautifully...kindly, thoughtfully, prayerfully.... I can only imagine that you are always ready to meet your Maker.…

Grace K
Grace K
Feb 08, 2022
Replying to

Thank you Kath for your kindness. There are a lot of free resources that you can read online on how to start a blog. Choose the posts that speaks to you. ‘No guts, no glory.’ If it’s your purpose and passion. Go for it. Blessings.

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