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It was just a Sugar Crash and Nothing More

I started my day yesterday feeling very good. I love spring. I enjoy being outside watching nature comes alive. Being in nature is healing and full of positivity. To top it all, I enjoyed my conversation with my son as we both enjoyed the spring beauty outdoors. The day was going well as me and my husband went out for our lunch date. We came home and took a power nap. Mid afternoon, me and my husband had lemon cake and vanilla ice cream. It was so good. I have been avoiding sweets for months. But I told myself just a small slice of cake and a scoop of ice cream. Why not, it’s quality time with my husband. An hour after or less than an hour, I was feeling low and discouraged. I was thinking I want to give up on life. I am not exaggerating - I truly felt and thought that way. I even shared with my husband what I felt and he tried to uplift my spirit but to no avail.

I just chose to get on with the rest of the afternoon. Prepared and ate dinner. Cleaned the kitchen. And got ready for bed even if I was just dragging myself to do things. I didn’t read a book which I normally do before going to bed. I just stared on my iPad screen nonchalantly searching online for beautiful beaches that I would like to visit someday. I just wanted a distraction from how I felt. After that, I took a melatonin pill. And I entrusted to God my desolation because I couldn’t think of any reason why I was feeling discouraged. I slept well.

Today, looking back - it was a sugar crash!!! I feel good today. I feel positive. I’m back to life. Thanks be to God.

My Life’s Lessons

  1. Be mindful of what I eat. Sometimes it’s just what I ate that affects my thoughts and emotions.

  2. Just show up. Even if sometimes I don’t feel showing up in life - I just show up. Things will get better. Just drink a lot of water.

  3. Reflect back. Thank you to this blog, it helped me look back to what happened yesterday and it helped me figure out that the true culprit of why I felt overwhelmingly discouraged was rationalizing that it was only a small serving of cake and ice cream - aka, sugar.

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