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Updated: Mar 1, 2022

What are my basic needs: food, water, air, sleep, etc. But I realized today, not just food - but quality food, quality sleep, etc. When I was a child every meal was made from scratch. I remembered my grandma - she would ask her grandchildren to help prep the ingredients. I would be peeling dozens of vegetables for hours because they fed a lot of family members and workers. What I am trying to say is that all that went into the pot was loaded with natural nutrients. Nowadays with an excuse of having a busy life, I tend to have instant food makings in our fridge. But what I learned from MindValley Challenge: Conquer Your Cravings, with Eric Edmeades, that if I fed my body of what it truly needed, I would not craved for food that was not really good for me. The key is quality food, quality sleep, quality hydration, aka: water…etc.

It is interesting that I was so psyched to doing this that I was more mindful of drinking water. I took a power nap too. But I had a stressor today because out of the goodness of my heart I wanted to be there for a friend. Guess what I craved for? Yes, I got a handful of nuts with dried fruits and dark chocolate. It hope this is still a healthier choice. It is a process. I hope to share more after I completed the 5-day MindValley Challenge.

My Life’s Lessons

  1. QUALITY SLEEP. No gadget, no TV, no games two hours before I sleep. (I am still working on this)

  2. QUALITY HYDRATION. When I am thirsty, what my body truly needs is water. Many years ago, soda was a big temptation for me so my husband helped me switched to soda water. It worked for me.

  3. QUALITY RELATIONSHIPS. Whenever there was a challenge in any of my relationships - I reached for comfort food, that is chocolate, cake and ice cream. I needed to remind myself that sugar causes inflammation in my body, not really helpful if I wanted to have a long healthy life.

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