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Empowered vs Entitled

It was a joy and a blessing to minister to and with the community of Malate Catholic Church. I especially worked with the mothers and children. This was my dream job come true. I love them and I felt so loved by them. MCC has an amazing social service program for families in need. It was not a hand-out kind of thing. They tried it before and it did not work. This time around families have to actively participate: like attending spiritual, ecological and parenting formations, vocational trainings and serving the community. Also, parents have to find means to pay a portion of the tuition of their kids who were part of the parish education assistance program. Today I see these kids who are now adults and I am proud of them. They have finished college; working and in a much better place. I see them still serving the community.

My Life’s Lessons

  1. I IMMERSED MYSELF IN THEIR LIVES. The families I served, they have become my mothers, sisters, children and friends.

  2. I LISTENED TO THEIR STORIES. Some stories were heartbreaking but because of their faith and trust in God; they amazed me by the hope, love, joy and generosity I saw in their hearts.

  3. WE ATE TOGETHER. I enjoyed sharing meals with them. This is when I saw them laugh more; where they shared their hopes and dreams; and how we bonded as friends. I was blessed by this wonderful community.

Make today amazing!

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Really amazing and inspiring ! Thank you for the blog. This will be shared to our parishioners, friends and relatives and to our beloved priests too. Looking forward for more inspirational sharings from you. "Ang galing " !💐💕

Grace K
Grace K
Feb 26, 2022
Replying to

Thank you very much, Ate Siony. Blessings po 🙏❤️

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