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Excellence vs Perfectionism

I am a perfectionist. It is not helpful. It slows down my creativity and it can hurt my relationships. My husband tells me: ‘just do the best that you can’. Sometimes, I struggle if it is just an excuse not to do better. I guess the key is balance in my intention.

I love writing. In high school, I wrote daily in my diary. In college, I wrote deeper thoughts and reflections in my journal. And in graduate school, I was a contributor in the school magazine and in the book CEFAM published, ‘Inside Out. Embracing our Stories. Inspiring Others‘. What is my point here, I love writing and inspiring, that’s the reason why I started this blog. But I am second guessing myself today. My fear which is triggered by my need to be perfect hinders me from achieving my passion and purpose. But I choose to face my fear head-on and let this be a learning and growing experience.

My Life’s Lessons

  1. I BELIEVE IN MY SELF. I am still journeying on this road of believing in my Self. I know God believes in me. My family and friends believe in me. Is it egoistic to believe in one self? If the intention is self-serving, it is coming from the ego; but if it is self-giving, then it is coming from goodwill.

  2. I PRACTICE SELF-CARE. I have a wellness check list, a weekly and periodic list. It reminds me to take care of my self. Because I know I cannot give what I don’t have. If I am not healthy in my body, mind and spirit, how can I serve my family and ministry. Examples in the list are yoga, massage, hike, journal, or lunch with positive peer group. It keeps me grounded, inspired and empowered.

  3. I LOVE MY SELF. Again, allow me reiterate that ‘I cannot give what I don’t have’. How can I love others if I don’t even know how to love and care for my self. This is different from being narcissistic imposing that it’s all about me. I am a hard-worker. I have a need to be productive and use every ounce of energy left in me. What’s the result of this. Burn-out! With that, I feel I have nothing more to give. And I feel I don’t care anymore. It is hard to recover from burn-out. But we can. The good thing is that this experience taught me to be more compassionate towards myself and others.

Choose to be amazing! Because you are amazing!

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