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Fresh Start

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Today is general house cleaning day. It is a time to put away clutter on top of the tables, kitchen counters and books on the floor. It is a time to sort recyclables, mails and shred junk mails. It’s a wonderful feeling after we are done cleaning, and the house looks shiny and organized. Tomorrow, we start piling up mails and paperwork again. But I’m just going to enjoy today’s labor.

I also do detoxing at least once a year. Because of this, the result of my blood work always comes out normal. But this year, I have had not detoxed before my blood work and so there were some concerning results which I am working on. In addition, I take time to listen to my emotions; it is my gauge to know if I am in a healthy space. I believe that if I don’t acknowledge and process my emotions, there will be a misunderstanding with someone somewhere.

I am becoming more intentional in nourishing my whole being. That is why I continue to learn and feed my intellect with new things; things that I am truly passionate about like qi gong. And last but not the least, I nourish my spirit by communing. Of course, I take showers; water for me has a wonderful cleansing effect, not just physically but energetically.

My Life’s Lessons

  1. I DECLUTTER. Easier said than done but I choose to commit and be mindful. I declutter my physical space, my mind, my emotions and my spirit too. I remove what’s not working anymore and of no use. To detach to some things, some beliefs or some emotions like pain is very hard to do. I don’t know why. Maybe, I took it already as part of my identity. Or I’m just used to it. Familiarity seems more comfortable than the unknown and unfamiliar. Even if it‘s good.

  2. I PAUSE. Is this still the direction I want to take? Am I happy? Am I growing here? Am I feeling fulfilled? Do I need help? Or maybe I just need to take a break and have a good rest and nourishment. And tomorrow I will continue with this road I chose to take.

  3. I RECALIBRATE. According to Recalibrate means “to change the way you do or think about something”. I think our belief system can either make us or break us. I learned that my strongly charged beliefs just brought heartache, sorrow and anger in my life. Nobody listens when I’m strongly charged because the other person has to be in a defensive stance. Also, in this state of being I don‘t have an open mind. And because of this, something or someone that I truly value is lost.

Make today amazing!

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