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Today is laundry day. Each day I schedule a certain task so that it can be done and not postponed. When I postpone responsibilities, I have a tendency to forget and it piles up until it is overwhelming. I am a homemaker, minister and writer. I wear many hats but being a wife and taking care of my husband’s needs is my first priority. Happy husband means happy wife and vice versa. But the reason I have the passion to love and serve my husband is because I am happy with my self. I am happy with my self because I take care of myself. It is a ripple effect starting in my core. This doesn’t mean my life and my relationships are perfect. There are days that life would place me off-track and that is just part of life. Anyway, the point I am making today is that I find joy in taking good care of myself, my husband and my other relationships as best as I could. And I am grateful that I am a homemaker; creating a home that feels safe and secure, clean and organized, peaceful and loving.

My Life’s Lessons

  1. RELATIONSHIP IS ESSENTIAL FOR ME. It is the loving relationships that I have and continue to nourish that helps me journey this life with hope, strength and joy.

  2. I FOCUS ON MY VISION. Vision keeps me on-track. Gives me direction. It opens my eyes to opportunities. It opens doors.

  3. I KNOW MY PRIORITY. I can busy myself with so many distractions like checking social media, watching TV and playing online games like wordscapes or paint by numbers. There were days that I would spend hours on my laptop or phone just doing random things. Now, I choose to be more conscious to complete my to-do-list first. Then, if I check my online stuff not related to my responsibilities, I give myself a time limit. It takes self-discipline. It is a process.

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