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If ‘Health is Wealth’, Why Not Prioritize It?

It is interesting to think that most people say ‘health is wealth’ but its been put at the back burner because there are other pressing things to be done no matter how trivial it is compared to health and wellness. That was me. But during the start of the pandemic, I had an awakening. It was actually the death of my brother that led me into this path of choosing a healthier lifestyle. It became my goal. This goal opened my eyes to opportunities and ways to achieve it. I started exercising. Don‘t get be wrong, before my awakening I did exercise but only for a month or two - I would stop because my life got busier. This time I am more intentional. It has been two years that I am regularly exercising. I am doing different kinds of exercises because I get bored with repetition. I did strength training because I read that in middle age I start to lose muscles. Then, yoga… aerobics… and I am enjoying qi gong right now. I lessened sugary drink, cakes and ice creams. I give in once in a while but they don’t taste as good as before. Recently, I can say no to soda and donuts - that’s a win for me.

Today, I am going to have a procedure that needed fasting. At first I thought how could I last a day without a meal but I did. I think it’s because I have avoided processed sugar for two weeks - I didn‘t experience sugar crash. I survived by just drinking lots of water and I did have a cup of coffee in the morning - still I have the energy to do house chores. Also, I was talking to myself - reminding me that this is a good and healthy choice. It is also an opportunity to reboot my body. And I was meditating and visualizing that I was energizing my body. It’s all working for me.

My Life’s Lessons

  1. I can do it if I totally put my mind and will into it. Having an accountability partner makes it easier - a lot easier. I am so happy and grateful that my husband is into it too.

  2. It is very important for me to have a goal that I am passionate about. It gives direction. It opens up possibilities. It keeps the fire going. It keeps me motivated

  3. I prioritize what is essential. My Life is essential.

Make today amazing!

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