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Inspire and Empower

I facilitated retreats. It was an awesome ministry - it was a sacred space for healing and miracles that our team constantly witnessed. I had a team of 10 adults and 10 teen leaders. For a 3-day retreat, we prepared and practiced for 4 months. Getting-to-know each other was very important. We set goals and expectations. We spend a lot of time tweaking and improving the program that we used year after year. Roles and responsibilities, rather than assigned were chosen by individuals.

I was amazed how each team leader were picked. The Holy Spirit would give me a nudge to invite them to join our team. I tend to invite quiet, introverted, and shy teens. But each one of them shined as we allowed them to be who they are. We believed and trusted in them. And their ministering blew our minds. They touched a lot of teens' lives. They became God's instruments of healing, encouragement and inspiration.

My Life's Lessons

  1. I LEAD WITH LOVE. I am grateful for all the teen leaders that I have worked with. They are all amazing. They knew I cared for them. Out of that love I give rules too. I believed and trusted in them. They have nothing to prove but there are expectations too.

  2. I LEAD WITH PRAYER. I prayed every step of the way. We prayed every step of the way.

  3. I LEAD BY EXAMPLE. What I expected from them; I have to be that person.

Be Amazing

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I love retreats. I prob joined every single one I can get in during college. I love listening to other people’s stories coz it broadens my understanding, often it gives me a better perspective of what I didn’t see we’ll before.

Grace K
Grace K

It’s true for me too, Corky. Blessings.

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