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Instructions are There for a Good Reason

One of my teacher instilled in me to read and to follow the instructions before I even begin answering the test questions. It would make or break my class standing. Similarly, whenever I opened a box of electronics, I read the instructions or I skimmed through the pages that would give me details on how to install and use it efficiently; and maximize its capability. In my life I recognized that there were a lot of available resources and wisdom passed on in order for me to live a good life: like books, advices from trusted mentors, and manifold programs for self-development. And in turn I am invited to make my contribution to make this world a better place. In my experience, this happens when I follow instructions… follow the wisdom of old. It is time-tested methods. If it works, why change it… why not follow it.

My Life’s Lessons

Following instructions:

  1. Kept me safe.

  2. Helped me get high grades.

  3. Helped me live a simpler, richer and happier life

  4. Kept me on-track

Make today amazing!

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