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It is time…

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

It is time to be amazing. It is a choice.

I am Grace. I am a child of God; a wife, mother, soon to be a grandma, sister, godmother, friend, mentor and aspiring author.

I am writing my memoir, as a gift to my family whom I love deeply. I hope to pass on wisdom that I have acquired in my life. It worked for me, I hope and pray that it might work for them too. And I give permission to tweak it.

I will share 3 of my life’s lessons every time I write here.

One is I LISTENED to the loving advice of the significant people in my life. That is first and foremost, my parents. When I was young, I almost always just follow their good-intentioned ‘command’. My mother, who was a teacher and a businesswoman, she just told me what to do; like, ‘join the choir’ or ‘I enrolled you in a piano class, attend it’. No ifs, ands, or buts. It worked for me. I was a shy child. It helped me to go out of my shell, be more social and confident.

Two: I PRAYED. My family prayed a lot, my grandma and mother modeled it. They prayed for me and my intentions. I know it kept me safe from making wrong choices and putting myself in harms way. I sensed in them the power of prayer and so I prayed too. One vivid experience was when I was in grade school, there was an active fire across the street where my parent’s business was. My parents left the house in the middle of the night to be there. Left in the house to look after my younger siblings; I prayed the rosary with all my heart and soul, kneeling in front of the altar, with candles lit, begging God to spare the store of my parents. It was an answered prayer. Thanks be to God.

Three: I PLAYED. Fr John Leydon once told me: Never stop playing. It brings out the best in us. Through it, we learn and grow. When I was little, before school-age, I had simple house chores to do. But I didn’t see it as a hard task, every chore I did was play; and so I was happy doing it. Today, I still let the child within me play. Walking in the rain is play. I bought myself a swing and I use it when I like to cheer myself up. I color adult-coloring book.

Make your day amazing!

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