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Spring is Coming… Stay Hopeful

What our world is experiencing right now makes me feel it’s still winter - the leafless trees and shrubs look dead. No life. In this lifetime it feels as if nobody cares. No life-giving support from one person to the other. I do care. I pray. I share the good news. I help. I continue to inspire and empower. But nowadays I feel I have hit a brick wall. Do I make a difference? Since everyone knows what’s good for them… or do they… do we? I look at what’s happening to families, communities and nations… such a divide… such destruction of reputations and properties. Is our world in a state of gloom and doom?

I still believe and put my trust in our strong foundation - Jesus; and our faithful stronghold - Our Father. Our forefathers had journeyed through deserts - others through frigid winter seasons, and their stories end in a land of green pasture - spring.

I am created good. We are all created good. Let us go back and rediscover our true identity. Let us do it together. Let us start today. Let the Holy Spirit, the fire that ignites our hearts and brings forth transformation be our source and strength to make this world a loving and peaceful place - right now. Let’s do our part. Let‘s be moved and take actions. If not pray because I believe prayer is very powerful. The people we pray for could feel our prayers. Let us send them love, comfort and strength. Let us send them hope that spring is coming. Nothing is impossible with God. God will turn it around. And Let our Hope be in the Name of Jesus.

My Life’s Lessons

  1. I know I need God during challenging times more than ever. He is my hope. And it is helpful to stay hopeful. I will do my best and God will do the rest.

  2. I continue the good work that God has entrusted to me. No matter how small as long as it‘s done with love (St Therese of Lisieux). And those that are beyond me - I pray for God’s intervention.

  3. I go back to the stories and experiences that remind me - God is faithful. God is powerful. God has overcome sin, death and evil. God loves me. God loves all his children - that is all of us.

Be hopeful. Be amazing.

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