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No Matter What It Takes

The ability to delay gratification is a sign of maturity. When I took my graduate studies, I had limited budget. I wrote down in my notebook where each cent would go. And I followed it diligently. I rented a small room; only a single bed, a small cabinet and a fan could fit in it. I had all my personal belongings in a duffel bag. I walked back and forth to the university and I had my meals in the student canteen. I was the first student in the library and the last one to leave. I just slept in my rented room. I was very content and happy. After three years, I achieved my goal. I was proud of myself; and my family was proud of me too. With that, I got the perfect job. I was grateful.

My Life’s Lessons

  1. I SAVED AND INVESTED MY EARNINGS. I learned it at a very young age. Thanks to my mom’s training. I think I was in first grade when my mother opened a bank account in my name. All the monetary gifts and allowances I had saved went to the bank. I didn’t withdraw any money until I was working.

  2. I PRACTICED DELAYED GRATIFICATION. Because it was proven and tested that it was worth it. I didn’t marry until I was mature and self-sufficient. I think this is critical before deciding to commit to a big responsibility.

  3. I LEARNED TO BE CONTENT. For me, it does not mean I will just accept where I am right now. I still work hard; I still have goals; and I still aim to be the best version of myself. But while I am in the process of reaching my objective, I am grateful for what I have and what I am right now.

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