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Off-Track, On-Track

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

Sometimes life throws me off-track. Before, when this would happen I would get very frustrated with myself. Now I am learning to be more patient and kind. We had a celebration of life for my baby brother who passed away at a young age and with a very young family. I called him my baby because I helped raised him in my own little way. And our mom and I recognized I was motherly towards him.

It was good for the family especially the kids to hear and share stories of loved ones who passed away so that their memories and the feeling of being connected with them remain. My sister-in-law coined a term for us, circle of strength, as we cried and laugh with the amazing memories my brother left behind. He lived, loved and laughed well. And he was well loved. The greater our love for him; the greater the pain in our hearts. That’s the reason why I stopped writing for a couple of days. I allowed myself to release the strong emotions I felt which in turn made my body and psyche out of whack. But today, on the third day, I rose again. Ready to inspire and empower once more.

My Life’s Lessons

  1. I CAME TO ACKNOWLEDGE THAT THERE WOULD BE DAYS THAT I JUST NEEDED TO PAUSE FROM THE NEED TO BE PRODUCTIVE. I needed to pause and rest because I had nothing to give. I needed to give time for myself to recharge and rejuvenate. I cannot give what I don’t have.

  2. I GAVE MYSELF TIME TO RELEASE EMOTIONS. My coping mechanism before was to keep it to myself and hide it inside. But this was not healthy for me. It boiled inside like a volcano and there would come a time when I could no longer hold it. It would just explode and create destruction in its path. It is healthier to release it in a constructive way. This time I just allowed myself to cry, sleep in and most importantly to quiet down.

  3. I WAITED ‘TILL I’M READY AGAIN. It took me three days to be ready. And I’m back. If I forced myself to write before I was okay, the energy that I would have emitted was only sadness and pain.

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