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Peace Starts From Within

As I get older - and please allow me to say wiser; it is clear to me that peace starts from within. Only with the grace of God. It is a very hard lesson to learn - and much harder to live up to but it is possible. What challenges my peace of heart, mind and spirit are my should’s and would’s - my belief system that I impose on myself and others. Because this belief system was pressed on to my subconscious when I was young by the adults around me, the community and society I belonged to. Most of this ‘BS’ are not useful nor working for me anymore. But it is so hard to let it go. I need a powerful force to help me. And so I find comfort and strength to this long time favorite verse: Be still and know that I am God. I put my trust in Him even if I don’t understand nor can see what’s ahead of me. It does not take the sadness away but there is peace. It does minimize the worry and anxiety. It is hard to explain unless someone takes the leap of faith.

My Life’s Lessons

  1. I believe that there is a powerful force that is supporting me. And He is faithful. His powerful hands were, is and always will be there for me - proven and tested.

  2. I take the leap of faith. It is so hard to let go but once I have decided - I wished I had done it earlier. My attachments were very sticky but in time it could be peeled away.

  3. I consider the consequences of not letting go. A tired and confused self, and an undesirable health issue - heart palpitations. A peace of heart is a much better choice because it provides the momentum to live a better life.

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