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She Believed In Me; I Believed In Me

I would like to honor my senior high school teacher Ms Pin. In one of her projects for us; she asked us to write daily our life’s reflections for the whole school year. We were encouraged to add art works or whatever form of creativity to express our thoughts. I truly enjoyed doing this project. Through this, I discovered I could write poems; I could draw; and I could do creative writing. At the end of the school year, she gave me an A. It boosted my self-esteem.

At that time, I was a very quiet and shy; but she saw something in me. She asked me to be a part of the parish dramatic guild. I was new but I was given a major role in the Nativity presentation. I was asked to be Mary, the mother of Jesus. I could not imagine I said yes. The presentation was Christmas Eve, that meant the whole town would be there in the Church. At least that’s how I felt at that time. Anyway, I did it and I loved it a lot. I didn’t know I have a talent in acting. Today, I’m directing Nativity presentation in my parish. I am very grateful to Ms Pin for believing in me. Because of her I believed in myself too. It was a precious gift.

My Life’s Lessons

  1. THE POWER OF BELIEVING. I am a teacher too. I learned from Ms Pin how to be an amazing teacher. I believe in my students. I encounter a couple of students who can be difficult sometimes but they are the ones whom I need to believe in more so that they can believe in themselves too.

  2. THE POWER OF TRUSTING. Last Christmas, we had a Nativity Presentation. The presenters were younger kids and middle schoolers. When we were practicing, it seemed that they were not paying attention. I needed to prompt them every time to do their part. But they amazed me when it was the actual presentation. Each one was doing their part perfectly. The audience loved them. Some parents were teary-eyed. I was so proud of them.

  3. THE POWER OF ASKING. I was shy but Ms Pin still asked me. I find that younger kids have less inhibitions. I asked who wanted to be the angel, a first grader raised her hand. For every character, a child volunteered. But when I needed older kids to be the three wise men, nobody raised a hand. And so I just picked and asked. They were kind of dragging their feet but in the end I saw that they enjoyed their part.

Be amazing!

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