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Source of Joy

I am very grateful for all my positive peer group... my amazing friends who have been my source of great support and joy. God bless you all! There is one particular person that I would like to honor today. Her name is Sr. Lily. She referred herself as the lily of the valley. In some tradition, it meant return to happiness. She was a beautiful person in and out. She would have birthed good-looking children but she chose Jesus to be her Spouse. She was very happy with her choice. And her joy was very contagious.

I met her as a young adult. She was probably four decades older than me but her youthful countenance drew me to her. But don’t get me wrong, her maturity and wisdom was impeccable. Their chapel was surrounded by tall, dense, mature trees and green grass. I felt so much peace in that place and its energy was invigorating. Anyway, in one of my visits she approached me and asked me if I would like to have breakfast with her. I could not say no to this beautiful soul. After that, I kept coming back, I even brought my sister along. The three of us became best of friends. The laughter we shared still makes me smile today. A smile that penetrates my heart with joy. That was how powerful her joy was.

There was a period in my life that I experienced deep depression or darkness of the soul. Sr Lily was assigned at that time in a place where she was 10-hour drive away from me. But she showed up. We talked for only an hour and I had a major breakthrough. She was my beacon of light and hope. She lifted my spirit up. I was back to the land of the living. Thanks to Sr. Lily.

I love you Sr. Lily and I feel you are smiling back at me. And your love and joy fills my heart right now.

My Life’s Lessons

  1. Joy is a gift

  2. Joy is contagious

  3. Joy is not limited by time and space.

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