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Tackle it One Project at a Time

It has been a busy week. Planned, pressing and unexpected tasks needed my attention at the same time. What could I do but address it one at a time. Because I believed I could, I did it. I wrote down a to-do-list. I was focused with each project. I asked for help and delegated. I took a pause because sometimes even if I thought it was urgent to communicate concerns; my husband taught me to wait for a day and process my thoughts and feelings. I woke up with a more compassionate heart and my brain was able to come up with a win-win solution that worked out well.

My Life’s Lessons

  1. I learn to provide a space and time for unexpected events in my day. My tendency is to jam pack my day with things-to-do. It is not helpful. It creates a stressful day and I don’t get a good sleep.

  2. I do meditation when things are overwhelming. I did it today and I feel better and more calm.

  3. I am entrusting more and more to God situations that are beyond my control. I still struggle with my need to control and the negative emotions it creates but I feel once I totally surrendered it, there is peace. Serenity prayer.

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