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Insistence Creates More Resistance… But Compassion Allows Transformation

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

I have observed that a lot of good hearted people wants to tell me what I needed to do when I am experiencing and sharing a challenge in my life. I have this tendency too. But what I truly needed was a listening heart in order for me to process my thoughts and feelings. I believe that the best answers or solutions come from the person himself or herself - this is after an extensive processing, consultation, and discernment. And I think my openness to change and transformation is critical.

Segway - I did some spring cleaning of my emails today. It feels good. I have accumulated a lot of emails because I wanted to read the articles attached to it. I just realized that I am an information hoarder - the positive interpretation of this is that I love to learn. I welcome growth in my life.

My struggle is how can I invite - not impose to - those that I care for that this path I’m taking is beneficial for them too. And why not, it is an amazing place to be. But I need to respect each one’s free will. I need to imitate Jesus - WWJD - Jesus invited his disciples. He never ever forced them. Jesus listened to their stories. Jesus reminded them of what was written in the Scriptures - the Living Word of God. He looked them in their eyes with love and compassion. He shared meals with them. Jesus didn’t tell them what to do. He modeled it. The disciples figured it out. Through their encounter with Jesus, they had probably processed the deep pain and disappointment in their hearts and it uplifted their spirits. And so they became open and ready to take the road that Jesus took. I am invited to do the same.

My Life’s Lessons

  1. I am reminded that I’m not the savior, the only Savior is Jesus. I have a tendency and a need to rescue people I cared for. But I am only an instrument of God’s healing presence in this world. I cannot help everybody. But I can offer my listening heart to people I encounter with every day.

  2. I Walk the Talk. I think this is the best way to motivate people. If they see the positive effect on me - they might ask and try it too.

  3. I am invited to be humble. It is my ego who wants to control things because it feels good to be always right. The truth is all that is good only comes from the grace of God.

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