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Think of the Consequence First before even Deciding and Doing it

I wanted to reprimand my brother when he passed away - as if I could do that. If I could I would. I think he didn’t take good care of himself. He probably thought because he was young; he was invincible. The truth is he was not. If he thought first of the consequences of his decisions and actions - he might still be alive today.

It is my 4th day of attending the 5-day MindValley Conquer your Cravings Challenge with Eric Edmeades. This was his idea. He said “if you think first of the present and long term consequences of what you eat - will you still eat it?” My answer is ‘NO way’. I love sweets - mostly chocolate and ice cream… If I be mindful of what processed sugar does to my body; that is inflammation and for the long term effect diabetes. Thinking of this makes me decide to taper my sugar intake. I do this because I love my family, my extended family and friends. I wanted to be there for them and more so I want more years of love and laughter with them.

My Life’s Lessons

  1. I PRACTICE CRITICAL THINKING. I don’t just accept and follow what people tell me to do. I need to figure out if what they say makes sense or does it work effectively for a good purpose. I ponder and reflect if its true and good. I have been misled. But once I realized it; I go back to the good path.


  3. I LOVE MY LIFE that’s why I am taking good care of it. It was the death of my brother that led me to pursue a healthier lifestyle. Healthy choices is a process. I grew up in a environment where sugary food was everywhere. Because everyone was eating it and it tasted good, therefore, it was okay to eat. Now I need to be more conscious of what I shop and eat. Will this choice take me to a healthier, happier and longer life?

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