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We Enriched Each Other

This past few days I have been meeting with good friends. There were a lot of catching up with what’s happening in our lives. Lots of laughter and tears because we spoke and listened from the heart. And I realized that when it came from the heart, we were enriching each other. I came home filled with love and happiness. I am envisioning more of this kind of friendship, community and society where everybody cares for everybody despite differences in whatever form.

There were days that I did find myself ‘judging’ others. I recognized and acknowledged the reasons why I felt that way. And I asked for the grace of God for me to pray for the person. I had one student. It seemed she detested me because of the way she stared at me. There were times that I was truly affected by her behavior but with God’s grace I just focused on teaching the class. I reached-out to her with a caring heart as I did with the other students. Miracles of miracles, after she completed the program, she wrote me a heart-felt thank you letter. I was so touched and teary eyed. I treasured her. She enriched me. I‘m very grateful.

My Life’s Lessons

  1. I DON’T TAKE IT PERSONALLY. Even if it feels personal. I affirm myself. And I am open to constructive criticism.

  2. I PUT MYSELF INTO THE SHOES OF THE PERSON whom I find it difficult to relate with. I tell you, it is not easy. I need the grace of God. I do falter. I just keep trying.

  3. I FOCUS ON MY RESPONSIBILITY AND OBLIGATION. I committed myself to teach. Therefore I teach.

Be amazing!

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Terese Martinez
Terese Martinez
02 mar 2022

I love this post! And I love every time we get together to share our life experiences with each other, Grace! You shine with God's light and love and are a joy to journey with in life. I love that you pray for the people you don't understand, like that girl in your class. What a wonderful experience. Thank you so much for sharing your life and your wisdom with us all!

Mi piace
Grace K
Grace K
04 mar 2022
Risposta a

I am thankful to you as well, Terese, you’re an amazing friend, full of love and positivity ❤️

Mi piace
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