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You are Enough

Out of the goodness of my mom’s heart; she intended me to be the best. But for me that translated that I needed to be perfect. The perfect daughter, sister and student. I took on this unconscious heavy load for many years. Until recently when it came into my awareness. I was facilitating a retreat and doing Lectio Divina (It is reflecting on the word of God. How it relates to me. What is God telling me and what action am I invited to do). And the message for me was I am enough. It was super charged with emotions. But it was healing. I needed to hear that. And from then on that was my mantra. It was only this year that I believed 100% that I am enough. What a big difference it made in my life. I felt more secure in myself, my relationships and my work.

My Life’s Lessons

  1. I AM OPEN TO THE WORK OF THE HOLY SPIRIT IN ME. I believe in His powerful presence in my life. I trust and follow His guidance. I connect and listen to Him in silence and in communing with nature. I still have missteps and challenges but all of these are invitations for me to stretch and to grow. To be the best version of myself. The way I see it now is that it is no longer perfection but excellence.

  2. I AM OPEN TO CONTINUOUS LEARNING AND GROWTH. I am grateful for the Mindvalley quest on “Uncompromised Life”with Marissa Peer. She ingrained in me that I am enough.

  3. I AM GRATEFUL TO SERENDIPITY, SYNCHRONICITY OR INTUITION. I learned to ask the universe a question and answer would come in different forms and in God’s timing. Maybe a new idea that I haven’t thought of or like an ‘aha’ moment; or a book I haven’t noticed before; or an online program that popped up on my social media account.

Make today amazing!

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